Star Wars: The Old Republic concept art [7/?] - Tatooine and Voss


Parakeet - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012


Parakeet - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012


I am so done with this ( ;n; )
What even is consistency and fitting things into ten pages. I quit.

Junction (headphones) and Veil of Iron (hijab) and Hamartia (freckles) belong to Xhakhal.


where i belong

my thirst for older men is strong


Fangirl Challenge - 1/10 Friendships: Raleigh and Mako.

When I was working on the movie we had three or four different versions of the relationship between Charlie and Rinko because I wanted to see if I could make a story about two people liking each other without having to end in a kiss. So when I shot the ending we shot three versions. I’ve never done this before, but instinctively I thought we should do three versions. We did one version where they kiss and it almost felt weird. They’re good friends, they’re pals, good colleagues.


It’s a cute little thing though.

When your party in an MMO is incompetent: